C3 no.180 (1999 #8/12)
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Sooner or Later

On the Reform of Architectural Practice in Korea _ SangHae Lee

HeeJun Kim

MookRi Residence

Interview: New Generation & New Architype _ HeeJun Kim + Wook Choi

TaiJip Kim + JaHo Kim

− Intelligence Center, DongKuk Univ.

− vEvergreen House, DongKuk Univ.

Criticism: Duality of Boundary and Strategy of Place-making _ YoungMin Koo

− Main Gate, Korean national Univ, of Physical Education

− Ice Rink, Korean National Univ.; of Physical Education

− Main Building, DongKuk Univ., KyoungJu

KwanYoung Choi + DongMyeong Cheong

− International Education Center, KookMin Univ.

YeonKeun Jeong

PuSan Independence Memorial Hall

C3 Forum _ Rem Koolhaas

Commentary: After Thoughts _ SangHoon Bu

Commentary: On Global Communication in Architecture _ JinAi kim

Note on Architecture

UIA Beijing Charter _ JeongKeun Lee


Barba _ YoungBeum Ma + JuHee Kim


InChon Subway Main Control Center _ DaeWon Hong


WolGot Middle School

WaDong Middle School

DyoungNam Municipal Art Museum

Dormitory, JeonJu University

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