C3 no.177 (1999 #5/12)
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Sooner or Later

New Recognition for the Tradition and Culture _ SangHae Lee

HyoMan Kim

− LimGeoDang

Client’s Note: Where the Sunshine Overlaps Me _ JongKi Lim

Interview: Kindling Instinctive Reason _ HyoMan Kim + JongGun Lee

− Dobest _ WoonKi Cha

− PyungChangDong 419.8 _ SungKwan Lee

Note on Architecture

YangDong _ JeongKeun Lee


Against an Odds in Architectural Criticism _ JongGun Lee

Schweger + Partner

− Karlsruhe Centre for Art and Media Technology

− Wolfsburg Art Museum

− Bauindustrie House, Berlin

Criticism: Aloof from Egocentric Architecture _ Heinrich Klotz

Urban Design

Heyri Art Valley Master Plan _ HongKyu Kim

Handrail Design of Overhead Bridge _ YoungGi Kim


Thread & Soil _ ChoongSup Lim

Korean Traditional Tool


Between Architecture and Urban Fabric VIII: Kitsch and Copy in Architecture II _ BoemJaee Lee

North European Furniture Designer VI: Yrjo Wiherheimo


EuiJae Museum

Memorial Hall for DongHak Peasantry Revolution

PanSoRi Museum

HaeNam Dinosaur Fossil Reservation


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