C3 no.176 (1999 #4/12)
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Sooner or Later

Good Thinking for Good Architecture _ SangHae Lee

InHo Jun

Interview: Narration Space and Cogitation Space _ InHo Jun + JinKouk Jeong

− Maison de Carre

− The Discalced Carmelites of the Annunciation

− Maison de Pure

− Maison de Innocente


− YangPyoung House _ YoungOk Kang

− Friendship-1 _ HeeKon Kim

− Villa Ca’Pensiero _ Samoo Architects & Engineers

− Tin Roof _ SeongKi Beak

Note on Architecture

Making the Pedestrian Friendly Street _ Kerl Yoo

C3 Forum _ Jun Itami

Last to let Loose in Contemporary Architecture


Culture in between Ways of Different Understanding – KukJe Gallery Renovation


Rehabilitation of the Charles V Palace in the Alhambra _ Rodriguez Frade

YuRie Asset Management Inc. _ GhyungSook Ghim

Urban Design

The Original Location of SamSung Company _ Cheil Communication + HanUl Architects

Furniture Exhibition

Grope for Development of Korea Wood Furniture


Expansion of Recognition on Space _ TaeGon Kim


Distracted City _ YoungHo Lim

Sculpture from Architecture & Urbanism _ SukMan Kwon


Between Architecture and Urban Fabric VII: Kitsch and Copy in Architecture I _ BeomJaee Lee


ChonAn ShinChon Elementary School

Pavilion for Prehistoric Remains, SooYangGae

The Films Memorial Hall & 2nd Public Library

High School for Animation

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