C3 no.170 (1998 #10/12)
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Sooner or Later

Definition and Naming of the Building _ Lee SangHae

Jeong IllKyo

− Multi-level House

Interview: Form and Sign _ Jeong IllKyo + Choi Wook


− Miho Museum

Architectural Note: Museum in its Setting _ Tim Culbert

Jean-Marc Ibos & Myrto Vitart

− Lille Fine Arts Museum, Lille, France

Note on Architecture

Story of the Dong River _ Min HyunSik

C3 Forum _ Cho ByoungSoo

Things I Like, Things I Have Made


Architecture Choi’s Hardware Gallery _ Kim MyungKil

                            Gana Art Center _ Jean-Michel Wilmotte

Overseas Interior Music and Film Institute, Witten, Germany _ Hans Busso von Busse + Eberhard Carl Klapp

Furniture Scene with Birds and Woods _ Choi SeungChun

Exhibition In Search of Organic Space _ Anthony Caro

Competition ChungRyangRee Redevelopment, SeoUl

                            GakRee Primary School, ChungWon

                            Office of National Revenue


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