C3 no.169 (1998 #9/12)
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Sooner or Later

Take off from the Architect’s Idiolects _ Lee SangHae

Kim SungSik + Kim ZungKn

Interview: Bearable Lightness within Architecture _ Kim SungSik·KimZungKn + Kim JunSaung

− Catholic Church in Naval Academy, JinHae

Chang SeaYoung

− KimHae national Museum

Criticism: Space, Time, Human – Architectural Strata _ Woo ShinKoo

Szyszkowitz & Kowalski

− Housing Complex for the International Building Exhibition Emsher Park

− Gelsenkirchen Kindergarten

− Primary School in Grosslobming

− House H in Bad Mergentheim

Note on Architecture

Grave of Hundred People _ Seung, H-Sang

Series: Between Architecture and Urban Fabric IV

Architecture as a Mass Media and Popularity – ApKuJungDong Today _ Lee BoemJaee


Interior Pavilion _ Kim MyungKil

Overseas Interior Independiente Headquarters, London _ Jestico + Whiles

Urban Design From Rust to Green

Furniture Art Furniture _ Choi ByoungHoon

Exhibition Dream for the Modernity


Competition SeoDaeMoon Museum of natural History

                           ChunYunDong Redevelopment, SeoUl

                           Wholesale Market of Agricultural and Marine Products, KwangJoo

                           Civil Center, KangBookGu

                           GalMa Primary School, DaeJeon


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