C3 no.164 (1998 #4/12)
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Sooner or Later

The Necessity of Hearing and Verification of Architect’s Design _ Lee SangHae

Kim Hun

− Serendipity

Criticism: Concept of a House – Kim Hun’s Serendipity _ Helen JuHyun Park

− Sfumato

− Terra Incognita

− Tabula Rasa

KimKwangSoo + Kim ZungKn

Interview: New-Town-Home in the Periphery _ Kim KwangSoo, KimZungKn + Chang LimJong

− IlSan Residence

Beat Consoni

− Egloff House

− Apartment House at Seestrasse

− Sonderegger House

− Gnädinger House

Review/Architecture Xian _ Bou DaeJin + Kim MoonHyun

Review/Workshop  ’98 Furniture Design Workshop

Review/Furniture Niels Hvass’ Furniture Design

                                        Modern Interior Furniture

Review/Exhibition Night Landscape

                                         The Space of Red and White

Review/Competition PuSan Independence Memorial Hall

                                             DooDaeDong Rural Housing, ChangWon

                                             Olympic Sports Center, CheChoun

Review/Urban Design Exterior Design of Domestic Waste Incinerrating Facilities, SangMoo Area, KwangJoo


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