C3 no.161 (1998 #1/12)
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Sooner or Later

A Lesson to the Leaps in the Dark _ Lee SangHae

Kim JongKyu

Work as Theorizing Process _ Kim JongKyu

Interview: Unnewness of Newness _ Kim JongKyu + Lee IlHun

Criticism: Understanding of Landform _ Philip Christou

− Clinic for People with Dementia, SoonAeWon

− Cultural Center, DongShin University

− Kansai Diet Library

− Masterplan for NamYang Pilgrimage Resort

− Thames Pedestrian Bridge, Millennium Bridge Competition, London

Kwon MoonSung

− House Opening towards the World _ Kwon MoonSung

Interview: Variable Spaces in Order _ Kwon MoonSung + Lee JaeIk

− IlSan 22412 Residence

Chang SeaYoung

− Additional Headquarters Building for Space Group

Criticism: Concept of Time _ Park KilYoung

Focus Nature + Community: Story about BukHan River _ DuoMul Workshop

              SeoHwaChon Complex for Culture and Arts

Review ’97 National Exhibition of Interior Design

Review/Architecture Residence, BunDang _ Chang SeaYoung

                                             Pantech Factory, KimPo _ Cho KunYoung

                                             IlKun C&C _ Choi KwanYoung

Review/Interior eu _ Choi JeongHwa

                                   Gham _ Yoo JeongHan

                                   KuHal Ku _ Kim GaeChoun

Review/Furniture Kim Chungho Wood Works & Furniture

Competition Industrial Design Center

                           SeoUl 21C Hall, SeoUl City University

                           Civic Cultural Center, MaSan

                           Public Library & Culture Art Center, HaeNam

                           TongYoung Marine Science Museum

                           Apartments, ShinJung District


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