C3 no.153 (1997 #5/12)
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Sooner or Later

Architecture and Environment _ Kim SungWoo

Lee HyunJae

My Architecture _ Lee HyunJae

Criticism: Minimal Physically and Spatial Inclusiveness – Lee HyunJae’s Seo-Bo Foundation and Minimalistic Architecture _ Yim SeockJae

− Seo-Bo Foundation

− Row House, BunDang _ Ryu ChoonSoo

Madridejos _ Sancho

Document No.1 _ Sol Madridejos and Juan C. Sancho

− Sports Hall in San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid

− Gymnasium in San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid

− Sports Hall and Swimming Pool in Galdakao, Bilbao

Richard Meier

Criticism: Romantic Modernist _ Michael Webb

The Getty Center, Los Angeles

− Museum of Television and Radio, Los Angeles

− Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona

− City Hall and Library, The Hague

− Stadthaus, Ulm

− Weishaupt Forum, Schwendi

− Canal+ Headquarters, Paris

− Ackerberg House, Malibu

− Church of the Year 2000, Rome


CheJoo Headquarters, HyunDai Marine & Fire Insurance, Co.,LTD.

HyangLim Academy Hall, SoonCheon University

SuckJeong Elementary School

Apartment, GongReung District


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