C3 no.152 (1997 #4/12)
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Sooner or Later

HanBo? Architecture _ Kim SungWoo

Grupo LBC, Architects

Interview: Atemporality and Style in the Architecture _ Alfonso López Baz and Javier Calleja + Miquel Adriá

Casa Celaya

− Residence in Querétaro

− House of Bruni Shoener

− Ranch House in Las Lajas

− House Zaga

− Teatro de Las Artes

Antoine Predock

Architectural Journeys _ Antoine Predock

Criticism: An Architect of Land And Light, Ritual and Movement _ Michael Webb

− Ventana Vista Elementary School

− Genter for Integrated System Extension, Stanford University

− Museum of Science and Industry, Florida

− Mesa Public Library, New Mexico

− American Heritage Center and Art Museum, Wyoming

− Mandell Weiss Forum, University of California, San Diego

− Las Vegas Central Library and Children’s Museum

− Nelson Fine Arts Center, Arizona

− Social Sciences and Humanities Building, University of California

− Civic Arts Plaza, Thousand Oaks

− Rosenthal Residence, Manhattan Beach, California

− Beach House, Venice, California

− Turtle Creek House, Dallas

− White Residence, Pinnacle Peak, Arizona


Provincial Office, JeonBook

Educational Center for Student, JeonNam

Apartment, KouYeo District

Cultural Center, PoCheon


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