C3 no.151 (1997 #3/12)
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Sooner or Later

What it looks and what it is _ Kim SungWoo

Baek MoonKi

My Architecture _ Baek MoonKi

Interview: Sound of Architecture _ Lee EunSeok

− ManJong Methodist Church _ Baek MoonKi

Mario Botta

Criticism: The Human Meaning of Things _ Gabriele Cappellato

− Chapel at Monte Tamaro, Ticino

− Church in Srtirana di Merate

− Church of San Giovanni Battista, Mongo, Ticino

− Jean Tinguely Museum

− Housing in Monte Carasso, Ticino

Baumschlager & Eberle

Interview: The Art of Building, Pragmatics and Responsibility _ Carlo Baumschlager and Dietmar Eberle + Liesbeth Waechter-Böhm

Criticism: Architecture ‘from Scratch’ _ Dietmar Steiner

− House Kern

− Housing Mäder

− Residential Building Michael Burger in Bregenz

− Housing Nofels

− Residential Building Bernhard Burger in Bregenz

− Residential Building Rohner in Fussach

− Faiffeisenbank in Bregenz

− Marinspark Hotel in Dornbirn

− Hotel Mrtinspark K4 Conference Room Addition

− Holz Alternied in Hergatz, Germany

− Extending the Company Building Graf in Dornbirn

− Industrial Building Lagertechnik Wolfurt in Wolfurt

− Vocational School in Bregenz

− Community Hall in Mäder

− Alcatel

− Indoor Riding Arena Fischer in Breitbrunn


Urban Redevelopment of EulJiRo 2Ga 5th District

Outdoor Stage, Nam Riverside, JinJoo

Subway Office, DaeJeon

Cultural Center, AhnSan


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