C3 no.147 (1996 #11/12)
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Sooner or Later

Imperialism of the Unfair Winners _ Kim KyongSoo

Jun InHo

Towards the Space Architecture _ Jun InHo

The End of the Movement _ Jun InHo + Han ManWon

− SeoKyo House

− WonPyong Primary School

− IlSan Project

− PanMoonJum Liberty House

Livio Vacchini

My Client. A Short Story _ Livio Vacchini

Livio Vacchini: at the Limits of Contemporaneity _ Joseph Abram

Livio Vacchini. The implacable Necessity of the Whole _ Jacques Lucan

A Preface and Seven Question for Livio Vacchini _ Peter Disch

Office Buildings

− Multi-ruprose Building in Losone, Ticino

− New Bank of Canton Ticino

− Industrial Buildings STUAG

− Administration Building and Habitation in Dietlikon, Zurich

− Administrative Building in Locarno, Via Della Posta, Ticino

− Office Building Vacchini, Via Bramantino, Locarno


− Apartment Building Aurora in Lugano, Ticino

− Apartments and Stores in Paris, Rue Albert, France

− Private House Vacchini in Costa, Ticino

− Private House Losa in Locarno-Monti, Ticino

− Private House Rossi in Corzoneso, Ticino

− Private House Rezzonico, Vogorno

− Private House Fumagalli

Public Facilities

− Centre of Services for the City of Locarno, Ticino

− Heating Plant in Locarno

− The New Post Building in Locarno

− New Post Building in Ascona

− The Lido of Ascona, Ticino


− School of Architecture in Nancy

− Primary School in Montagnola


PuSan Railway Station Complex

WoolSan Headquarters, HunDai Marine & Fire Insurance Co., LTD

DaeSung Group Headquarters

KwangJoo High and District Public Prosecutor’s Office Building


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