C3 no.145 (1996 #9/12)
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Sooner or Later

Techn’e _ Kim KyoungSoo

Hailim Suh

− House of Four Views

− Museum of Shamanism

Carlos Jimenez

The Endurance of Site _ Carlos Jimenez

Jimenez, from Oak to Maple _ Luis Fernández-Galiano

Carlos Jimenez: Stranger in a Strange Land _ Richard Ingersoll

Seven Houses

− Lott House, Houston, Texas

− Wilson Ranch House, Isabella Ranch, Brooks County, Texas

− Saito house, Houston, Texas

− Neuhaus House, Houston, Texas

− Chadwick House, The Houston Heights, Houston, Texas

− Beauchamp House, Houston, Texas

− Jimenez House and Studio, Houston, Texas

Seven Buildings

− Spencer Studio Art Building – Williams College, Williamstown

− Irwin Union Bank Branch Prototype, Columbus, Indiana

− The Art league of Houston

− Central Administration & Junior School Building, Museum of Fine Arts Houston

− Lynn Goode Gallery, Houston, Texas

− Drive in Library

− Houston Fine Art Press, Houston, Texas


Training Center, Korea Gas Corporation

Welfare hall for Woman, KhoYang

Laboratory Building, Science and Engineering Department, SeoUl City University

Construction Hall, SeoUl National Polytechnic University


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