C3 no.144 (1996 #8/12)
Sold out

Sooner or Later

The Family in the Modern Age _ Kim KyoungSoo


Recitativo _ Kim Hun

Architectural Culture Building _ Kim KwangHyoun + ECTO Architects & Associates

Ian Frederick Taberner AIA

Geometry, Procession and Space _ Ian F. Taberner

Manner and Means: the Architecture of Ian F. Taberner _ Alissa Pula Hayman

Architecture is the Vessel That Contains Personality of the Architect _ Minn SohnJoo

− Kent State University May 4th Memorial

− Anthony Chaudhuri Residence

− Public Places, Private Spaces, Stage Set

− Reinhart, McReynolds & Magnus Recording Studio

− Jeanne Levy Residence

− Artpark Gift Shop & Gallery

− A Studio for Ando

− Jung Residence

− National Astronaut Memorial Kennedy Space Center

− Access Productions Audio _ Video Studio

− Type-Wright Data Processing

− Tian An Men Square Memorial

− Sharon Frides Memorial

− Reclamation Garden

Ben van Berkel

Diagrams and Force-fields

Public Facilities

− Pavilion for the Triennale of Milano

− Intramural Center for the Mentally Challenged, SWOZ II

− Yokohama International Port Terminal

− Rijksmuseum Twente, Conversion and Extension


− Congress Hall and Office Building in Düsseldorf

− Director’s Room, Dutch Institute of Architecture

ACOM, Amersfoort

− Company Center, Nijkerk

− Karbouw Office and Works

− REMU Electrical Substation


− Möbius House, Het Gooi

− Villa Wilbrink, Amersfoort


− Bascule Bridge and Bridgemasters House, Purmerend

− Erasmus Bridge, Rotterdam

Urban Study

− The Rubber Mat

− Saksen Weimar Barracks

− Zeeburger Island

− Das Schloss, Berlin


The Six Hundredth Anniversary Memorial, SungKyunKwan University

SeokChon lake Park Pavilion

KeeHeung SangGal Apartment

Multipurpose Center, KwaChoun

GuhJe Cultural Center


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