C3 no.142 (1996 #6/12)
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Sooner or Later

Identifying Myself _ Kim KyoungSoo


− ABN AMRO Head Office Building, Amsterdam _ Harry Wolf

− Town Hall of ‘Evry’ _ Charles Poisay

− Ochi 24.25 _ Cho MoonSong

Architects Group SEE

On Process _ Lew JaiEun + Kim HeungSoo

− Kindergarten

− SoungBukDong Residence

− D Country Club House

− K Rest Area

Moshe Safdie

An Architect who Bridges Two Worlds – Moshe Safdie Fights for his Ideals and Follows His Own Star _ Michael Webb

− Habitat ’67, Montreal

− Western Wall Precinct, Old City Jerusalem

− Mamilla Center, Jerusalem

− Hebrew Union College, Jerusalem

− Peace Square, Damascus Gate Precinct, Jerusalem

− Museum of Civilization, Quebec, PQ

− National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

− Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

− Morgan Hall, Harvard University Business School

− Class of 1959 Chapel, Harvard University Business School

− Ottawa City Hall

− Rosovsky Hall, Harvard Radcliffe Hillel, Cambridge

− Vancouver Library Square, British Columbia

− Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles

− Ford Centre for the Performing Arts, Vancouver

− Exploration Place, Wichita


Transition from Localism to Glocalism in Architecture – At the Time of Full opening of Architectural Market _ Kim WooSung


SuhCho JinRo Town

KwangJoo Government Office Building

New SeoUl International Airport Transportation Center

Olympic Memorial Museum


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