C3 no.133 (1995 #9/12)
Sold out

Sooner or Later

Our Body, the Nature _ Kim KyoungSoo


− Charles de Gaulle Airport, the Exchange Module _ Paul Andreu

− Posco Center _ Group-3 + Pos.-A.C

− IBS and Pursuit of Transparency _ Yim ChangBok

− O’Neil Cinema 12 _ Richard Rauh

− Projects by Belzberg & Wittman

− Flint Peak Dumbacher Residence

− Locus – Motive House

David Chipperfield

The Richness of Austerity _ Deyan Sudjic

− Wakehurst Place

− Neues Museum, Berlin

− First Church of Christ, Scientist

− Equipment Shops

− Olivetti Project

− River and Rowing Museum, Henley

− Jazzie B House, Camden Town

− Lockhart House

− Kao House

− Central Hall & Plant Gallery, Natural History Museum, London

− Gotoh Private Museum, Chiba District

− TAK Design Store, Kyoto

− Matsumoto Corporation Headquarters, Okayama

− Knight House, Richmond, Surrey

− ‘Y’ Building – Concept Ideas (Project Design with Ron Arad)


None of SeoUl in ANY of SeoUl _ Choi WonMi

KA Special: Hign Speed Railway Station and Complex

Towards the New Vision in Architecture _ Cho DaeSoung

High Speed Railway Stations in Europe _ Lee HyunHo

Development of Underground Complex _ Yim SeungBin

Development of Mixed Use Complex _ Lee HyunHo

Future of High Speed Railway Station and Its Sphere _ Cho DaeSoung

Korean Architecture

Korean Dwelling _ Choi JiEun


Apartment, YiChoun, DaeKoo

Farming and Fishing Villages Medical Institution


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