C3 no.248 (2005 #4/12)

Sooner or Later

Uncertain Ways in Using Language IV-Everyday Life _ JongHo Yi

PaiChai University

PaiChai University – International Center _ Kerl Yoo

PaiChai University – College of Architecture, Art and Music _ ByoungSoo Cho

Interview A Citadel and a Lighthouse _ JeongHoon Yoo+Kerl Yoo+ByoungSoo Cho


Master Plan of PaiChai University _ iARCH, Inc.

Note on Architecture

Home on the Move _ JaeWon Jo

ChanJoong Kim

Systematical Thought _ ChanJoong Kim

EaGon Window Image Shop

Expo Tower

Casa Del Sol

Container Boat Club

Boston Pedestrian Bridge


The Recipe for Architectural Lighting II – Lighting Design Process _ KangWha Jeong+Mee Chung


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