C3 no.240 (2004 #8/12)
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Sooner or Later

Three Kinds of Building in Contemporary Korean Architectrue _ Hyun Khang

ByungSoo Cho

Things that I like, Things that I have Made II _ ByungSoo Cho

Interview 10 Questions, 20 Years _ Catherine Herbse+Norman Millar+ByungSoo Cho

Camerata Music Studio and W Residence

H Residence

HeiYunRi Residence

Forest Hill Residence

Criticism Running and Thinking: Building Spaces Between _ Norman Millar

PaiChai University – College of Architecture, Art, Music

Ramp Building

SeoMi Gallery

Office of JibMunDang

Note of Architecture

Axis of Culture _ HeeJin Yun

Exhibition Review

Discovery of Life


The 1st Docomomo Korea Design Competition


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