C3 no.239 (2004 #7/12)
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Sooner or Later

Toward a Restructuring of Educational System _ Hyuk Khang

Asia Publication Culture and Information Center

The Emerging City of Books _ ByungYoon Kim

Interview Passing Between the Aestheticization and the and the Merest luxury _ KangHun Lee+ByungYoon Kim

Asia Publication Culture and Information Center

Note on Architecture

Value & Goal _ HeeJin Yun

EunYoung Yi

Why columns? Why white masses? _ EunYoung Yi

Criticism The Latest Modern – Twist and Blues of Modern Ideas _ MiSang Kim

SoDam Gallery

HamYang Residential Complex for People Stricken with Flood

HanYang GoDamSa

DoSi & SaRam Exhibition Hall

Archaeological Park in JeonGok

JinJu Tourist Town

Landmark Concept for Han River


The Class Hyosung Mercedes-Benz Tower _ KunSik Kim+GwnagWook Kim


Charles Choi

The Aesthetics of New Modernism _ Charles Choi

Gallery in ShinSaDong

Condominium in SeoGwiPo

Private Residence in SeongBukDong

CheonJo Headquarters

Paroma Pavilion


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