C3 no.235 (2004 #3/12)
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Sooner or Later

Age of Hybrid _ Hyuk Khang

SeungHoy Kim+WonPhil Kang

Faced with Bull’s Horn _ SeungHoy Kim

Atmospheric Nature _ Wook Choi+SeungHoy Kim

What Is Reality? _ InHa Jung

Immanuel Church and Educational Center


2Woo School

Note on Architecture

Ready-made Architect _ TaeHong Park

SungSik Kim + TaeYoung Lee

Multiple Variety in Architecture _ SungSik Kim

UiWang 33 House

GwaCheon 381 House

Heyri F12-1, 2

Heyri F13


Artreon Toz _ JaiEun Lew+SangCheol Song

Urban Design

Hub City toward the World – New SongDo City _ Kohn Pedersen Fox – James bon Klemperer+Jisop Han

C3 Special

Hospitals and Clinics Today


Ewha Campus Center

Technology & Product

Solar Energy for Heating and Lighting

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