C3 no.232 (2003 #12/12)
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Sooner or Later

The Importance of the Agenda Making _ Hyuk Khang

H-Sang Seung

Choi Ironmonger Lock Museum

On Site Restaurant

Saint Andrea DaeGun Kim Memorial

DongKyu Choi

Transition in Methodology _ DongKyu Choi

Jesus SoMang Mission Center

JeeMyung Presbyterian Church

GyeongGi Province Infant Shelter and Infant Nursing Home

KwangMyung Church

Note on Architecture

Looking Good VS. Feeling Good _ SamYoung Choi


JoRinHun _ HyoMan Kim

CheonAn BaekSeok Elementary and Middle School _ TongSo Park+YoungSoo Kim

Comfile Office Building _ PhilHoon lee

Editor’s Note

Advocate for All

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