C3 no.231 (2003 #11/12)
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Sooner or Later

Two BuSan Festivals in Comparison _ Hyuk Khang

JaeYong Lim

Logic – Scape _ JaeYong Lim

Interview: Inward, Outward _ Moongyu Choi+JaeYong Lim

Lim’s Cosmo Dental Clinic

WooMyunDong Studio


Note on Architecture

Under a Spell

Heyri Art Valley Project Review

Lee’s Book Cafe and Residence _ Helen JuHyun Park

An’s Studio _ Min I+Jin Son

Heyri Art Valley Added

DoDoHun _ KyungKook Woo

Palm Gallery and Housing _ JongHo Yi

S Museum _ JongKyu Kim

Broken Emptiness _ JinKouk Jeong

Residence – Prototype 2 _ EunYoung Yi

House of Books _ JunSung Kim+HaiLim Suh

RyuSook Park Gallery _ JunSung Kim+HaiLim Suh

Restaurant, Art Shop and Housing _ H-Sang Seung

Glass Studio and Gallery _ HyungWoo Han

Residence-Prototype 1 _ EunYoung Yi

Residence _ YoungJoon Kim

Book Cafe and Residence _ Helen JuHyun Park

Craft Shop and Residence _ Helen JuHyun Park

Box Gallery _ Moongyu Choi

Cinema Gallery _ Wook Choi

Gallery, Cafe and Housing _ JongKyu Kim

Art Shop and Housing _ SohnJoo Minn+YoungSun Lee


Nodesign, Nostyle, Droog Design

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