C3 no.223 (2003 #3/12)
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Sooner or Later

Architecture within the Dangerous Society _ Hyuk Khang

Architects Group See

Thought, March 2003 _ JaiEun Lew

Architecture of life _ CheolSoo Han

Interview: Measuring an Allusion For Constructed Site _ YoungMin Koo + JaiEun Lew + CheolSoo Han

ChongYung Kim Sculpture Museum

DongSungDong Commercial Building

SeongBukDong Guesthouse

PyeongChangDong Atelier

Note on Architecture

Globalization and Community Architect _ SinGu Woo

Herbert Beckhard & Frank Richlan

St. Francis de Sales Church, Muskegon, Michigan

New York State School of Industrial & Labor Relations, Cornell University

Temple Emeth, Teaneck

Urban Design

Thames Barrier Park _ Andrew Taylor & Pankaj Patel


In Recess


CheongGyeCheon Bridge Idea Contest

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