C3 no.222 (2003 #2/12)
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Sooner or Later

Desire for the Significance and the Interior of Architects _ Hyuk Khang

KyuSung Woo

Courtyard with a View _ KyuSung Woo

Interview: From Organization to Order _ Hyungmin Pai + KyuSung Woo

Stone Cloud

Memorial Park and Columbarium

GeumJeong Sports Park and Gymnasium

Note on Architecture

Scenes of Post-Industrial Cities _ SinGu Woo


JeJu Lake Hills Country Club Clubhouse _ SungWon Jung

Pension House SanVitMaDang _ ChulLin Bang

SunShine Dazzling _ YoungSoo Lee + YoungMoon Choi

Urban Design

Dam in the Forest _ HyunSun Kim


Temple for Today

Competition for Nothing


MokPo Passenger Ferry Terminal

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