C3 no.219 (2002 #11/12)

Sooner or Later

A Thought on Our Existing Culture _ Hyuk Khang

HyunSik Min

Interview: What It Used to Be and What It Needs to Be _ ByungSun Ba + HyunSik Min

The Korean National University of Cultural Heritage

Criticism: Authority of Experience _ KilYong Park


Toh Studio _ KyungSik Min

Interview: Being and Generation _ JongGun Lee+KyungSik Min

Hans Gallery ‘La Porte Etroite’ _ SeungMin Koo

Note on Architecture

‘Architecture’ as an Adjective or a Verb _ SeungHoi Kim


Boa World _ HyeungWon Park


Next – the Venice Biennale 8th International Architecture Exhibition _ Seon-Ah Kim

Living News 21 · SungNam

From Body to Universe – European New Way(s) of Life

Studio Inquiry

Ten Houses by Sea


CheJu 4·3 Memorial

Digital Media City

DaeJeon Education Information Center

BuSan Tower

Ssamzie Park

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