C3 no.217 (2002 #9/12)
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Sooner or Later

Too Many Magazines _ Hyuk Khang

Moongyu Choi

Questioning _ Moongyu Choi

Fragmented Daily Experiences and Scenes Projected on a Self – Examining Screen _ Hun Kim + Moongyu Choi

Dalki Theme Park

HanSook Cheong Memorial

Office of SeoHaeMoonJib Publishing

NoWon Public Library

SeongBukDong Residence

Information and Convention Center, PaJu Book City

DaeShin Print Factory

EunSeok Lee

Five Bandages against the Practices and Four Types for the Practice _ EunSeok Lee

A Giraffe Church and a Koala Church _ LeemJong Jang + EunSeok Lee

World Vision Church in JukJeon

Juanae Church in DaeJeon

YoungNak Church in YangSan

KyungSan Church

Amen Church in Ilsan

MyeongJi Church in SeoSan

Beautiful Church in MyeongIlDong

A Church in the High-Density Urban Area

Note on Architecture

Cities in City _ SeungHoi Kim

C3 Special

Dreaming in CheongGaeCheon

CheongGae Stream from Historic City _ JinYoung Jun

Upon the Stream for the Stream _ Kerl Yoo

For Where Different Values Coexist _ InHo Jun

Restoration of CheongGaeCheon and Prospect of urban Structure in Consequence _ SangOh Yoo

Highs in Green _ JaeJoon Lee


Urban Void

Editor’s Note

Declare Yourself

Ripe for the Return of Urban Episodes

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