C3 no.216 (2002 #8/12)

Sooner or Later

Living as a Architect _ Hyuk Khang

H.Sang Seung

Library of College of Medicine PoCheon CHA University

Na and Lee Hospital


MaPo Handicapped Persons Welfare Center _ SungKwan Lee

Studio HanSa _ KunYoung Cho

Note on Architecture

A Starry Night _ SeungHoi Kim

School Architecture

School in Paspels _ Valerio Olgiati

British School, the Netherlands _ Kraaijvanger-Urbis

Urban design

Royal Victoria Dock Bridge _ Lifschutz Davidson

Place d’Armes, Namur, Belgium _ Atelier 4D

Series: European Furniture V

Kingdom of Plastic, Kartell _ JiHoon Ha


City in the Water Drops


Illusion of an Ascent


ChungJu Municipal Library

BoRa Housing, YongIn

Editor’s Note

To Add Insult to Injury

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