C3 no.213 (2002 #5 /12)
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Sooner or Later

Architecture and the Happiness of Life _ Hyuk Khang

Jun Itami

My Aesthetics _ Jun Itami

Something to Remember in Jun Itami’s Architecture _ SoonKwan Park

PoDo Hotel

Guest House Old and New

Center House


YeokSam Building

Church of Nidom

Nomahaus I

DaeJun Lee

Note on Architecture

Spoken into Emptiness _ EunYoung Yi


Architectural Drawing: Between Goods and Report _ Hyun Seo

GuYon Chung

War and Memory

DongRang Art Center Annex Building Renovation

Master Plan for KayWon School of Art and Design

Art Center Coreana

BunDang A Building

SaeMi Village, JeJu DaeHeulRi

Szyszkowitz & Kowalski

Center of Studies, Technical University of Graz

Cultural Centre St. Ulrich, Greith


On-Line Competition

C3Forum / HyoMan Kim

Penetration and Circulation

Series: European Furniture II

Sound of Nature, Voxia _ JiHoon Ha


2002 ReMiAn Awards

SeoDaeMun youth Culture Center

HeoJun Memorial and Chinese Medicine Research Institute

2 Railroad Stations

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