C3 no.209 (2002 #1/12)
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Sooner or Later

Culture and Architecture in Digital Era_ Hyuck Kang

Seoul Institute of the Arts

After the 10 Years _ JaiWon Jo

Concept and Development _ TaeYong Yoo

Seoul Institute of the Arts _ JaiWon Jo + TaeYong Yoo

Interview: Korean in Seoul Institute of the Arts_ SangHae Lee + TaeJeong Ham + TaeYong Yoo

Note on Architecture

Enemy within, Enemy without _ DooJin Hwang


For the Cheered Festival

Repetition and Difference

Interview: Upon the Memory _ Won Kim + HyunSik Min + GuYon Chung

Renovation of Drama Center, Seoul Institute of the Arts _ GuYon Chung

Literary Gallery for SeoJungJu’s Poem _ Won Kim

MoonTae High School _ HyunSik Min


Smith in Design, HongKyu Choi


Wrapping and Packing of the Earth _ Christo & Jeanne Claude

Series: Furniture Design VIII

Thonet, German _ JinWoo Kim


Space in Meditation _ DoSik Seo


GwangJu Biennale 2002

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