C3 no.207 (2001 #11/12)
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Sooner or Later

Architecture as a Criticism _ GuYon Chung

InHo Jun

Human Body and Architecture _ InHo Jun

Maison de Nature

Interview: Warmth and Architecture _ Hun Kim + InHo Jun

Maison de Bel-Bue

Maison de MokDong

JinWook Lee

SongHakRi Residence

Interview: On the Boundary, Watching beyond _ DeKahn Joo + JinWook Lee

SangGyeDong Housing

Note on Architecture

Manual, Manual _ DooJin Hwang


Strange Identity with Colonial Style

Overseas Design Koizumi Makoto

Gallery Vega

Taizo Kuroda Exhibition

Cake Shop Nanohana

Series: Furniture Design VI

Lammhults, Sweden _ JinWoo Kim


From Military to Culture Space

Parts and the Whole _ DooJin Hwang

Space Experiment _ Shin’s Project

Object with Light


Steel Furniture Design Contest

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