C3 no.206 (2001 #10/12)
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Sooner or Later

The 3rd Road: The Question Opened by the Tragedy of WTC _ GuYon Ghung

DuNam Choi

Condensation of Architectural Experience _ DuNam Choi

BuAmDong House

Interview: Essence and Expression _ JunSung Kim + DuNam Choi

Glass House


NamSan Building

JaeHeon Jeong + MunKyu Park

Architecture and Land _ JaeHeon Jeong

Interview: Same Language, but Diverse Style – Making ‘La Petite Différence’ in Architecture _ YongMi Kim + JaeHeon Jeong

DuMulMuhRi House

IlSan 818-1

KangWhaDo House

MD Dental Clinic

Note on Architecture

Lost Tomorrow in Our Life and Architecture _ EunSeok Lee

Mixed-use Building

NonHyunDong Lot 74 _ KyungSik Min

LeeOh Building _ KiYoung Kim

C3 Forum _ Seung, H. Sang


Series: Furniture Design V

Bruno Mathosson, Sweden _ JinWoo Kim


JeonBuk Municipal Art Museum

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