C3 no.204 (2001 #8/12)
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Sooner or Later

Architecture, Esthetic and Ethics _ GuYon Chung

ChungKee Lee

For the Sake of ‘Simulacre’ _ ChungKee Lee

Interview: Immanancy in External Space of Church _ EunSeok Lee + ChungKee Lee

Canaan Church

D Catholic Church



Context and Dwelling

Context and the Type of Dwelling

Urban or Rural _ ShinKoo Woo + SanYoung Choi + YounJae Kim

DanSul _ SanYoung Choi

YangSan K House _ YoungJae Kim

Note on Architecture

Stage Favorite Tour _ EunYoung Yi

Basque Architects IV

Chillida Foundation _ Joaquin Montero

Benedictine Monastery, Estibaliz _ Carlos Rueda + Juan I. Lasagabaster

Convent and youth Hostel, Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy, Egino _ Joan nogué + Txema Onzain + Jordi Roig

Community Cinema, Araia _ Luis Zufiaur+Alberto Aguinaco

Health Center Azpilagana, Pamplona _ Eduardo de Miguel + Jesús Leache

Series: Furniture Design III

Cassina, Italy _ JinWoo Kim


Dancing Sculpture _ Tim Prentice


NonSan BaekJe Military Museum

Halla University Facilities

KangNam Fire Station

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