C3 no.198 (2001 #2/12)
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Sooner or Later

The End of Architectural Theory: New Economy and Architectural Design _ GuYon Chung

H-Sang Seung

DongHun, Annex to Residence ‘SuBaecDang’

Outpatient Clinic of HanSol Hospital

Interview: Architecture and Landscape _ H-Sang Seung + Youp JeaGal

Master Plan of the Korean National University of Arts

Club House of Commune-by-the-Great-Wall

EunSeok Lee

Learning from Le Corbusier _ EunSeok Lee

MokYang Church in TaeJeon

Interview: Sacred from Sacred Arrangements _ EunSeok Lee + KwanSeok Lee

HanSaem Church in TaeGu

ChoRakDo Church in DangJin

ChoongAng Church in NonSan

SaeSoon Church in KwangJu

ChungManHan Church in JukJun

Note on Architecture

Maximization of Originality _ InHoJun


Communality – Architectural Exhibition, Phase-1, PaJu Book City


Renovation of BukChon Village

GaHweDong Phenomenon: Philosophy and Strategy for its Preservation _ SangHun Lee

The Makers·Cho’s Studio _ GunYoung Cho

SamChungDong 35-88·Choi’s Studio _ Wook Choi


National Research Institute of Cultural Properties

YanGuGun Art Museum

Sports and Leisure Center, SongPa

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