C3 no.124 (1994 #12/12)
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Sooner or Later

Indeterminate Design? _ Kim KyoungSoo


− MooSerlDang _ Woo KyoungKook

− MongHakJae _ Woo KyoungKook

Criticism: Upon the Tradition within the Nature _ Lee SeonHee

− Maryland Center for Performing Arts _ Moore Ruble Yudell

− Nativity Catholic Church _ Moore Ruble Yudell

Special Featuring: Studio METAA

Confession of Sobriety _ Yi JongHo + Yang NamCheol

Urban Collectivism, Technology, and beyond the Rationality _ Kim BongRyol

− Barunson Center

− Exhibition Center for the 600th Anniversary of SeoUl

− HongChoun Rest Area

− HyeHwaDong 163

− Exodus – Remote Stay II

− Fifteen Previous Projects

Classics for Today

Classics for Today

Architecture under Religious Interpretation of the Site, HaeInSa _ Lee SangHae


City and History-Conflict and Harmony in Historical Capital Cities

Architecture of Our Time

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