C3 no.123 (1994 #11/12)
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Sooner or Later

Out of the Past _ Kim KyoungSoo


The Museum Quarter in Vienna _ Ortner & Ortner

Recent Work

− House O _ Enrique Norten

− Worker’s Housing _ Enrique Norten

Special Featuring


Morphology-City Metaphors _ O.M.Ungers

Searching for Essential Values _ O.M.Ungers + Yi EunYoung

For a Better Understanding of Mathias Ungers’ Architecture _ Lee SangHae

− Baden State Library, Karlsruhe

− The Island of Art Museum, Hamburg

− The Island of Spree, Berlin

− The Island of Museum, Berlin

− Potsdam Plaza, Berlin

− Potsdam Plaza/Leipzig Plaza, Berlin

− Eight Previous Projects


Teachers Mutual Fund Hotel, CheJu


Architecture of Our Time

Measurement and Drafting, DanChung(Traditional Coloring) Technique

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