C3 no.121 (1994 #9/12)
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Sooner or Later

Globalization _ Kim KyoungSoo


IMAX Cinema _ Bryan Avery

Recent Work

− MyongBo Plaza _ Kim SeokChul

− The Charles P.Stevenson, Jr.Library, Bard College _ Venturi, Schott Brown and Associates

− Reedy Creek Emergency Services Headquarters _ Venturi, Schott Brown and Associates

− House W _ Woo KyuSung

10th Anniversary

Towards the 2000’s Classics

Special Part 1: Korean Architecture for 2000’s

The Understanding and Critical Review of the Generation in Korean Architecture _ Park SoonKwan

Individual Theory and Architecture of New Generation _ Kim BongRyol

Kim KwanSeok

Kim JongKyu

Kim JunSaung

Kim HongIl

Yi JongHo + Yang NamChul

Cho ByoungSoo

Choi Uk


The Essence in Crisis of Architectural Education _ Lee BumJae

Classics for Today

Classics For Today

New Architecture of 18th Century _ Kim DongUk

Tasteful of a Spirit, KyungHweRoo _ Park EonKon

The Most Typical Korean Place, ChangDokGoong _ Lee KangKeun


Architecture Exhibition, KyungKi University Synopsis, Architecture Exhibition, KyungKi University _ Shin SungYoon


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