C3 no.119 (1994 #7/12)
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Sooner or Later

The Carter of Megaride '94 _ Kim KyongSoo

Architecture & Criticism

− War Memorial Hall _ Lee SungKwan + Kwan HongKil

Criticism: Reality of the War and Barometer of Democratization _ Seong InSoo

Architect & Criticism

Shigeru Ban; Off the Trodden Path toward the Essence

Criticism: Shigeru Ban; Mad Scientist of a Magician? _ Naomi R.Pollock

(Ordinary) Technology and (Anti) Formativeness _ Kim SungWoo

Discussion: Paper Tube Structure as Post Technical Structure


− The House of a Dentist, Tokyo

− The House of Double-roof, Yamanash; The Case Study House-03

− A Factory at Hamura, Tokyo

− The Complex by Railroad, Tokyo

− Sugawara Atelier, Shizuoka; The Case Study House-02

− Housing at Sakujii Park, Tokyo

− House, Tokyo; The Case Study House-01

− Villa Kuru, Nagano

− Villa Torii, Nagano

− Studio for Vocalists, Tokyo

Paper Tube Structure

− Odawara Pavilion, Kanagawa

− East Gate, Kanagawa

− Library of a Poet, Kanagawa

− Weekend House at Lake Yamanaka, Yamanashi

− M.D.S Gallery, Tokyo



High Speed Train Station ChunAhn _ Yoo Kerl + Kwak HongKil, Yang JaeHyun

TaeGu Mixed Use Building _ Park YoungKern + David C.Hudsons

5.18 Memorial Cemetry _ SamJung A.E.P + Phil Architect & Associates

Classics for Today

Lecture; Classics for Contemporary Architecture

Meaning of Classics _ Kim KyongSoo

Reading of Classics I – Diversity, Collectivity, Moderation _ KimBongRyol

Reading of Classics II – Reading of Korean Traditional Architecture _ Lee SangHae


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