C3 no.118 (1994 #6/12)
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Sooner or Later

Crisis in Korean Classic Temples _ Kim KyoungSoo

Architect & Projects

Free from Tradition Bandage – Four Projects by Lee JeongKeun

Architect’s Philosophy: The Creative Destruction of the Tradition _ Lee JeongKeun


WonSeoDong Building

HanKuk Leisure & Culture Center I

HanKuk Leisure & Culture Center II

Enex WhangGan Dormitory

Architect & Criticism

Human Values and Regional Tradition

Nine Works by Perkins & Will

Criticism: Aspiration to Modernism & Reflection of Regionalism _ Cho ByongSoo

Educational Facilities

− Perry Community Education Village

− Temple Hoyne Buell Hall

− Woodlands High School

Office Building

− Morton International Building

− Sears Merchandise Group Headquarters


− Marcus Garvey Nursing Home

− Claremont Park Family Care Center


− Thomson Consumer Electronics


− International Terminal at O’Hare Airport

Interview: Recognition of Reality and Situation _ Cho ByongSoo + Perkins & Will

Classics for Today

Understanding of Korean Architecture as a Vernacular Architecture _ Yoo Kerl

Assimilated to Nature; PooYongJeong _ Park EonKon

As Lofty as Scholar; TongChoonDang _ Lee WangKi

A Landscape and Architecture; SoSweWon _ JungKiHo

Recent Work

− YongChoo Folley _ Min KyoungSik

− SuWon Twins _ Kwon KunWoo


The Willow Premier International Leisure Club _ Cho InSouk

SungJeo Elementary School _ Jeon YoungShik


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